Lumbar Nerve Root Sleeve Injection

What is a Lumbar Nerve Root Sleeve Injection?

Lumbar Nerve Root Sleeve Injection (NRSI) is the introduction of local anaesthetic and/or steroid into the sheath around the nerve. This is usually requested because the nerve is thought to be inflamed by a disc pressing on it, by scarring after surgery, or from arthritis in an adjacent spinal joint. There are a number of other causes that are less common.

Steroids have a strong anti‐inflammatory effect and hence, reduce pain over a period of time. This treatment may result in permanent remission of symptoms. However the effect may be temporary, lasting weeks or months. A positive result however confirms the diagnosis, and then other treatments may be applicable.


Please ensure the following steps are followed. They will serve to prepare you for your examination and/or procedure.

  • You are not able to drive yourself home, therefore, you must organise a driver to bring you in and pick you up after the procedure
  • If you take Warfarin or other blood thinning agents, you will need to notify our staff as this may require cessation or blood tests prior to the procedure
  • Once at the practice, you will be required to change into a gown and asked to sign a consent form

Please note, NRSI procedures are not generally performed after 2pm. Lumbar NRSI can be performed at any of the following locations. Cervical and Thoracic NRSI are performed at specific locations only.