What is a Mammogram?

A Mammogram is a low dose x‐ray examination of the breast/s. The examination is performed by a radiographer with skills using specially designed equipment. Mammography plays an important part in early detection of breast cancer because it can show changes in the breast before a patient can feel them.


Please ensure the following steps are followed. They will serve to prepare you for your examination and/or procedure.

  • Appointment required for this examination
  • The best time is one week following your menstrual period unless the examination is urgent
  • If you experience tenderness in the breasts before your menstrual period, do not schedule the exam during this time
  • If you have breast implants, please advise staff at the time of booking, as you may be allocated a longer appointment
  • Please bring any previous images
  • It is recommended that you do not wear any talcum powder, cream or deodorant under your arms or around the breast area on the day of your exam